It’s the Holidays! Time to Take Some Much Needed Time Off, or Is It?

Here at PMA, we’re absolute abundant a family, both aural the aggregation and with our audience as well. So as we get accessible for the holidays, we wish to account the ancestors time that our aggregation enjoys and works so harder for, but are the holidays necessarily a time to yield off?

Depending on what industry you’re in, it may not be. If you plan with those disturbing with grief, addiction or all-overs – the holidays can absolute abundant be a trigger, and my assumption is, you’re still on-call.

As a team, we’re absolute accurate about extensive out over the holidays (and for that matter, we authority off sending emails on black and weekends year round), but its OK if you still feel the charge to plan over the holidays, because it’s the absolute time to:

  • Review your year, what were your successes? What could you do differently?
  • The anniversary division is a abundant time to actualize a eyes lath for 2019, what do you wish your focus to be?
  • Refresh your workspace!
  • Write claimed belletrist – not emails, absolute handwritten addendum – to your audience thanking them for their business over the accomplished year.
  • Work on your amusing media agreeable agenda for 2019
  • Read a book that motivates you! Maybe it’s business related, or claimed growth, whatever excites you, do it!

But a lot of of all, yield this time to be thankful, to your ancestors for acknowledging you, your accompany for consistently getting by your side, your audience and your team. I wish to yield this time to acknowledge my aggregation for all that they do to abutment our audience year round, after them, PMA wouldn’t be what it is today, and their adherence to anniversary added and our audience do not go unnoticed. It has been my focus over the accomplished year to abide to animate the aggregation to analyze their passions and do the plan that excites them. When we plan aural our passions, accurate abracadabra happens (take this message, advised by PMA Rockstar Crystal Picard, she consistently produces such admirable pieces. Show your adulation and chase her on Instagram!).

As the anniversary division is aloft us, we acquisition ourselves absorption on the accomplished year and those who accept helped to appearance our business. It’s been absolutely a year for us all! We achievement that 2018 has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and your admired ones.

From the PMA ancestors to yours, Happy Holidays!

– Beauty Needs Review